currently working on two projects at the moment. one is a tacky little painting and the other is the beginning of me becoming a plant parent. pictures soon.


Since the table and plate are see-through, he watches until your last bite and then moves onto his next victim.

Cool things I collect \ patterned long socks 👌

I wish someone would love me the way I love hamburgers. 🍔😍

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One Direction sing Torn live at Sydney Soundcheck 23/10/2013  x


There’s nothing more that I want than to pick up a knife and fillet myself


before you // you // after you 

today’s gross shitty sad girl bus ride/ bored at work doodle efforts 


My current bedroom floor. I’m moving house this weekend



mmm yes. finally the internet has accepted me. ♧♧♧ indeed. #softgrunge #tumblrfamous

Anonymous sent : i like to draw but i feel like i can never put out an original idea.. like i see some other artist's things on tumblr and i end up duplicating that and it all feels so forced... do you possibly have any advice for this?


I always used to draw what was directly in front of me, it was usually my bedroom floor. (see here, here and here). So maybe try drawing what is directly in front of you, and see where that takes you. Maybe draw your parents, or your first house. Draw something directly from your life.
Right now I am *~passionate~* about Australian culture so I’m doing all these Australian inspired drawings. I really want to promote Australian culture and lifestyle because I worry that this country is becoming waaay too Americanized. What I’m trying to say is, take something you care about and turn it into art.